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Hall & Stavert
Hall & Stavert, marine engineers and founders, has been manufacturing marine hardware for over 60 years. Hall & Stavert trawl winches, marine stern gear, hatch covers and propellers are vital components of the ships that sail the stormy North Atlantic from Labrador to Boston.

The quality, reliability, and performance essential to the lives and livelihood of the sea-going are fundamental to all Hall & Stavert products. Made for captains who go to sea for pleasure or profit and manufactured by employees who have lived by the sea, understand and respect it.

In our modern 40,000 sq. ft. facility, carefully designed tooling and certified metal ingot are essential in our quest for producing the best.

Our propellers are distributed by those who have exhibited expertise and experience in propeller selection, reconditioning and repair. They are in a position to give advice and service to both old and new customers. Hall & Stavert's goal is to supply high quality, reliable propellers with the ability to perform consistently according to today's sea-going requirements. Propellers that are "The Captain's Choice".

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